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a queer hobby digital artist from australia!

Cosmo 🌾 digital artist 🌾 24 | he/him, howl/howls

howdy!! i am a self-taught hobbiest artist/animator who likes to create silly little stories, draw, and play video games!thanks for checking out my carrd!!

i have always had a love for drawing since i was a young kid and always seemed to create little stories since i could remember! i have hopes to create my own webseries one daymy interests mainly include video games such as fallout, skyrim, red dead, and fable. i also like shows such as the owl house, hilda, inside job, and many more.you can see my full interests here at this rentry i made!please keep in mind i am autistic w/ADHD, i experience paranoia, depersonalization/derealization i do have some memory issues but it isn't to the point where it's descrtuctivei have a partner!! they make me happy!

What program(s) do you use for drawing/animating?
I use fire alpaca and procreate for drawing. Sometimes Clip Studio Paint, but not often. For animation, I use toonsquid.
What graphics tablet do you use?
Huion Inspiroy H1060P, the iPad I use is an iPad Air 4.
What made you start drawing and how old were you when you first started?
A lot of things made me start drawing, and I can't exactly pinpoint it to the one sole reason but one being a sort of comfort, an escape when things were tough.
I was drawing a lot as a young kid but between 10-11 it really clicked and started digitally when I was 13.
Do you take requests/make free gifts?
Not typically, I only accept requests via tumblr and of already existing fictional characters (i.e "Deku from MHA") and even then it will take me weeks if not months to fulfill. So if you want something specific and done within a time I suggest commissioning me instead!
Gifts on the other hand are given to friends and randomly to what I see fit.
Well, what about art trades?
In some cases. Usually only with friends or people that I know well with a good track record. But not with strangers. Sorry.
Do you do point/paypal/ko-fi/boosty/cashapp commissions?
As stated on my ToS I only accept Paypal and Ko-fi in terms of payment at this time. Due to living in Australia I do not have access to cashapp at this time. If/when CashApp comes to Australia and is compatible with US/UK I may add it as a payment option.
Can I pay after my commission is finished?
No. I won't allow that sadly. I also do allow half-payments as I will not start on the piece till I am fully pained.

Can get a cheaper price on my commission?
No. Unless you're a ko-fi supporter, or buy a commission when prices are marked as % off for that limited of time then we'll see what happens.
Can I use your art as a PFP/banner/icon?
Depends on the piece. Personal or art that was commissioned (not by you)? No. Artwork that's fan art? Yes so long as I am credited somewhere.
Can I draw a gift/fan art for your OCs?
Absolutely ! Make sure to ping me or send it directly to me, so I can see it :D. All art will be uploaded to toyhouse.
How old are you? When is your birthday?
Old enough to drink beer, and I am a July baby and a Leo (the horrors).
Are you a boy or a girl?
I am a trans man. If you're a transphobic why are you here.
Do you have any siblings?
I do.
Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named Castiel. He's a ragdoll Russian Blue mix.
What is your favorite color?
Any at this point. But I do like blues, reds, and purples. And my favorite combination is earthy tones with some complimentary bright color accent.
Will you watch/follow/subscribe back if I do it?
I don't do follow for a follow. If you happen to follow me than I follow you back that means I enjoy your content just the same but do not take that for me doing "follow for a follow".
Can I reupload your art/animations?
Absolutely not. No ifs or buts.
Can we RP?
I only RP in the few RP servers I am in. I don't do DM/closed messages RP.


By purchasing a commission from me, you are automatically agreeing to my T.O.S. Please make sure to read thoroughly through my terms before ordering. Thank you!Payment
All prices are listed in USD and AUD. (10 usd is 10 aud)
I accept payment only through PayPal and Ko-Fi only at this time. I do not accept Boosty, CashApp, DeviantArt points, Robux, etc. I do not accept other currencies at this time.
All payments are to be paid upfront, I do not accept partial payments or holds. I will not begin your commission until I receive the full payment. Saying that; you have up to 48 hours to pay, unless a day of payment is pre-planned.Once I have received the payment I will begin on your commission. I will keep you updated throughout the process especially on larger commissions.Refund Policy
I do not offer refunds unless I am unable to complete the commission for whatever reason. Refunds will be based on how much work may have gone into the piece, so please keep this in mind.
If you are unhappy with your product I am more than happy to work with you on reasonable corrections to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the finished piece. I will not however redo the entire piece unless there was a mistake on my end that warrants a remake.As I will be keeping you updated throughout the process so any corrections you may have failed to bring to my attention after sketching and lining may not always be fixable.Process
During the commission process I will be updating you (the client) at each stage of the commission, sketch, line work, color, etc.
Please note that I will not continue work on the product till I received some form of feedback whether it's to continue on or adjust anything made to the sketch/lines. If no response in 48 hours I will send another message a friendly bump.
Basically if you want it down at a reasonable pace please keep in touch!Turnaround Time
Commission turnaround times vary depending on how large my queue is, how complex your commission is and/or may be influenced by forces out of my control (I.e. sickness).
My turnaround time is at least two months maximum, but usually commissions are finished typically within a few days or a week. I will be in contact if things take longer than expected. Animated commissions, however, are exempt from this as it can take longer than two months.
But as said it largely depends on queue, real life, and the type of commission you ordered.
I can do deadlines provided that a set deadline date is addressed during the ordering process. Furthermore, I only do deadlines for birthdays and holiday gifts (Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines, etc.) and such deadlines must at least give a minimum of a week.Important to Note
My commissions I do for my clients are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. I do not offer commercial use at this time. This means you cannot gain monetary profit off of my artwork (stickers, keychains, physical prints, etc.). No ifs or buts.
The commissions I make are public by default, mainly regarding Trello information where customers and viewers can keep track of their progress being made. Please let me know if you’d like your commission details to be kept quiet.

Will DrawAsk AboutWon't Draw
- human(iods)- insect/bugs and other similar critters- NSFW/explicit or otherwise sexual content
- anthro furries & quad furries (aka feral)- original species (depends)- blatant fetish characters
- most fantasy creatures (ask for clarification)- existing characters from media (i.e Legoshi from Beastars)- parody, offensive, or hate speech of any kind.
- characters w/bruising, scars, etc.- light blood / injury / violence- proship content (minor x adult, sibling x sibling, etc.)
- Disabled characters, prosthetics, service animals and mobility aids- mechanical/mecha, robot- extreme gore/blood spills
- couple art (LGTBQIA+ included, + most pride flags!)- simple pet portraits- entities from closed cultures/religious beliefs (example: w//)
- fan characters--

Not seeing something on here? Or confused about something? Please ask about it!

Commission Options

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availability status: Open

don't see something you would like? ask about it!
Need more examples of my work? Click 'Gallery'!


Symmetry Icons


A symmetrical icon featuring your OC! Either comes unshaded or with cellshading.
Able to choose any simple BG type for free! (Solid, Gradient, Shapes, or Pride Flags).




An unshaded headshot icon of your OC! Comes with a simple BG for free; transparent, solid, shapes or pride flags!




A cell shaded headshot of your oc! Comes with a simple BG; transparent, solid, gradient, shapes, pride flags, etc.
(dynamic shading/effects are an additional $5)





An unshaded full body of your OC! Comes with a simple BG for free; can be either transparent, solid, shapes or pride flags.Additional Extra characters are +$10 each.




A cell shaded full body of your OC! Simple BGs are free (solid, gradient, shapes, pride flags).
Dynamic shading is an additional $10
Additional extra characters are an additional $15 each




Comes with detailed dynamic shading, a full background, can have up to two characters total in the singular piece.
BG can be lined or lineless, can appear to be a 'fake screenshot' or a roleplay scene, etc.
Additional extra characters are $20 each.





Pagedolls are small pixel art pieces that you can use to decorate your page! These are typically small in canvas (200x400 / 500x500), unshaded, transparent and come in two states:STATIC: $15, non-animated
ANIMATED: $20, typically a 'bounce animation'.


(I don't offer any other pixel type commission at this time)

Reference Sheets

(*note: These are for pre-existing characters, not customs).
I do not do design commissions at this time.

Basic Ref Sheet


Basic reference sheets come with at least one (1) full body, and one (1) headshot. All reference sheets come with the OC's name, basic information and their color palette.Full body can either be symmetrical or 3/4 view. Best suited for symmetrically designed characters. Additional props are free so long as they're simple (minimum of 3 props)


Advanced Ref Sheet


This reference sheets option comes with two (2) full bodies, typically a front view and a backview, and two (2) headshots. It often comes a space dedicated for clothing options.All reference sheets come with the OC's name, basic information and their color palette.




Starts at $10

Wiggle animations are typically between 3-4 frames of animation of your OC having a "wiggle" effectWigglies come unshaded with a simple free BG (transparent, solid color, gradient, shapes, pride flag),


2 Frame Icons

Starts at $15

This option features your OC having two different states: frame one, and frame two. Similar to the example to the side or a different pose, sad to happy, pose 1 to pose 2, etc.2-Frame Icons come unshaded with a simple free BG (transparent, solid color, gradient, shapes, pride flag),



Starts at $35

None looping animations are short animations of a specific action that doesn't loop back to the start of the animation. These animations can range from basic movements (such as turning the head, a lift of the hand, etc.).


Remember! The more complex the animation the more costly it'll be.


Starts at $40

Looping animations on the other hand are animations of a specific action that loops back to the start of the animation.
These animations can range from basic movements (such as blinking, running, dancing, etc).


Remember! The more complex the animation the more costly it'll be.

Animation Memes

Starts at $80

Animation memes are typically short animations of a character dancing or sometimes singing along to music, following the trend or going for something different!These animations are typically short 20-50 second animations of your OC to a specfic clip of a song.

(animeme YCH's excepted)

Your Character Here

(These are available YCH's I have that are typically always open with multiple or limited amount of slots).

Charming Grin YCH


This YCH features your character grinning towards the viewer from a side perspective! The grin is supposed to read as "charming" as if they said something smug-like.Comes with additional cell-shading and any background type (transparent, color, gradient, shapes or pride flags)

OPENSlots: 5/5

Sitting Guy YCH


This YCH features a fullbody drawing of your character sitting with any expression on their face. Minimal details, same (or similar) sitting pose for each piece.This YCH features no shading! But users can pick any background type (transparent, color, gradient, shapes or pride flags)

OPENSlots: 10/10



This is a set price YCH: meaning there is no bid just claim it, the price is $50 USD and payment is to be done via PayPal (or ko-fi). I do not accept cashapp.YCH Link: HERE. Please comment on the video!

OPENSlots: 1/1


Interested in purchasing a commission?

If you're looking to get a commission or have any inquiries please DM me on discord, or shoot me an email using the contact form below. Or any of the social sites I have linked in the home section of this site.You can find my commission status on the home page or my active tag. I work and answer business DMs through Monday to Friday and will not answer DMs or emails on weekends unless it's important.I check my Discord more often than my email, so you may get a faster response there.Delays in communications may occur due to issues outside my control, so please allow a few days at least for me to get back to you. If you're waiting for a commission, you can check my commission queue Trello linked above, or reach out to me directly for progress updates.
(And please be sure to list the subject if emailing without the box below, and double check if it went into your spam folders!)

Commission Form!

Username:Character Ref: (th link or photo)Comm Type: (type of commission, i.e full body shaded, ych option)Details: (details regarding what you want, as in the expression, pose, color background, etc)Extra: (anything extra I should know?)

Feel free to contact me on Facebook @ Nath Kripke!